Diode Dynamics

The BEST lighting out there! Diode Dynamics is dedicated to providing the best lighting and service possible in the USA. Every product at Diode Dynamics is engineered and designed with the latest technology to ensure peak performance and the best quality.

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My installed lighting:

Stage Series 3" SAE Yellow Pro Angled LED Pods!

H11 headlights!

Stage Series 2" SAE Yellow Pro Standard LED Pods!


MORRFlate is the BEST company around for everything inflation! Whether you're looking for their 4-way hose kit, air compressors, tire plug kit, or additional accessories, MORRFlate has it all! MORRFlates products help me air up or down in LESS TIME than ever! 

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Pedal Commander

The Pedal Commander throttle response controller is a device that connects to your vehicle's gas pedal. It lets you adjust how sensitive your gas pedal is. So, if you want to accelerate faster when you press the gas, you can change the throttle response with Pedal Commander. It's customizing your car to feel just the way you want!

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Off Road Vixens

Off Road Vixens is the best girls' off-road brand I could ask for! I love wearing their brand; their clothes are fitted, excellent quality, and feel super comfortable, but more than that, their motto about supporting women is incredible. I LOVE Off Road Vixens and am happy to be a part of their brand.

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YotaMafia is one of our favorite off-road brands! We are proud to announce that we are brand ambassadors for them. If you are looking for any cool off-road attachments, accessories, or awesome Toyota merchandise, they are perfect for you! Join the Yota Fam today and purchase some gear.